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Mastercare is the best solution for your cleaning and restoration needs.

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Keeping your Carpet Clean:

Did you know that your carpets should be cleaned professionally at least twice a year?

It can require being cleaned more often. Factors to consider how often you should clean your carpets include: Your lifestyle, (i.e. having a lot of people over, parties, get togethers, etc.), how many people live in your home, pets, or how many people go in and out. For an average home twice a year is ideal. For one or two people that do not come and go a lot, once a year is fine (as probably this will not create much traffic patterns in their carpet).


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We know you will hire Mastercare as your professional cleaning company for your carpet, tile, and upholstery, here’s why…

We use only the best professional chemicals and highly skilled technicians who are well-qualified in both cleaning and spot removal. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high professional standard and use excellent commercialized equipment.

Mastercare Carpet, Upholstery & Tile Cleaning is a licensed contractor able to effectively deal with floods, mold and the damage they can cause.

If you need to get someone from your area to provide exceptional service just call:

                        South Bay and East County (619) 420 6130
  San Diego (858) 695 8222
  North County Coastal (760) 753 1475
  North County Inland (760) 738 5292

More about our services

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Got a big job?

We have truck-mounted steam cleaning units available. These are large units that are mounted inside a van. They generate their own heat and hot water, thus, having more suction and higher hot water temperature. There is quicker drying time with the truck-mounted units due to the fact that it generates more heat. If however, a smaller professional carpet cleaning unit will do the job, we can use those as well.

Are your kids being exposed to toxic cleaners

We are a family business. Because of that, we care about children and pets. Every cleaning agent we use is environmentally & kid-friendly. We use enzymes and citrus cleaners that are safe & non-toxic for both pets and humans. We also have an amazing product that is called Green cleaning; it is biodegradable and safe for everyone.

Do you have a stain problem?

Mastercare is fantastic at removing stains! We carry a variety of chemicals and elements that are specific to treat your stain problems. Our trained professional technicians are well-educated in understanding the difference between alkaline and acid PH balances for your stains and they know what will work best for your Clairemont home or business. Whether your issue is an oil-based, food-based, or other stain based, we carry a variety of chemicals for any stain situation and can create a custom solution.

We offer 24 hour rapid response and we have many Carpet cleaning technicians located nearby you. We cover most of San Diego county. Below is a small sample of our service areas:

It is important to stay within carpet manufacturing guidelines regarding cleaning methods or it can ruin your carpet…

We use the most recommended cleaning method from carpet manufacturers, which is steam cleaning. Using steam to clean is also a generic term for hot water extraction and steam cleaning is recommended by all carpet manufacturers and should be used instead of regular dry-cleaning.